Schedule Feature

Senior year. Many students look at it as their long awaited break from the stresses of the tough classes that come with junior year; however, with schedule sign ups fast approaching, junior Kendall Kellerman is gunning up for a jam packed and challenging senior year schedule.

“I like pushing myself academically and don’t see a point in wasting time on classes I won’t need later in life,“ Kellerman said. “Even though school isn’t always fun, I like being able to take on a challenge.”

The junior has decided to go for in all seven hours of the school day rather than participate in dual enrollment or work program like many of her fellow classmates choose to do.

“There are classes that I want to take at the high school that St. Charles Community College does not offer,” Kellerman said. “I might as well stay here all day.”

Among her courses she signed up for are AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Literature, AP Art, AP Computer Sciences, and Newspaper.

“I’m not nervous about taking this many AP Classes because I have always heard that junior year is the hardest,” Kellerman added. “If I can handle this year than I can handle senior year.”

Kellerman hopes to pursue a career in math or science and is considering majoring in engineering.