AM by Arctic Monkeys Album Review

Once a garage band in the city of Sheffield, England, Arctic Monkeys have risen from a peculiarly titled group of British teens to a globally chart-topping phenomenon. From their humble beginnings in 2002, to their latest album release of AM in 2013, the group’s image has evolved from youthfully spirited to mischievously compelling. The album artwork of AM, featuring a sleek white sound wave atop a black background, stands as an accurate representation of the suave sound created through soothing rhythms, and a medley of various instruments. Alex Turner, the band’s frontman as well as lyricist, has held onto his iconic, enchanting voice and poetic lyric styles with a tenacious grip. Much like the image of Turner himself, the various songs of AM draw the listener’s mind to a nightlife atmosphere, featuring scenes of dimly lit streets, parties, and passionate romances. While this aspect allows for the creation of songs that tell intense and captivating stories, it adds a raunchy undertone that counteracts with the graceful sophistication of the album as a whole.
AM, although varied from the framework on which the band was once perceived, is a stunning reflection of the alternative rock scene as it stands in the modern day. It is undeniable that the album’s new, modified style has lead to an influx of new fans, while still managing to appease the musical tastes of the old. With the addition of this latest album, Arctic Monkeys continue to be a popular component to the alternative rock genre.