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Photographer Wants to Capture his Dreams

Senior Sean Jackson looks at his subject, he holds his camera steady and lines up his shot. He is ready to capture something special. He presses the button on his camera to take a photo and hears the glorious clicking noise. He looks at it, smiles and repeats with a few more angles. He already has dozens of shots, but he doesn’t want to stop any time soon.

“I grew up watching movies and cinematography and photography [is] a part of movies and I just grew to love it,” Jackson said.

Jackson is very passionate about photography. He has put a lot of money into this passion by buying equipment, like a Nikon D10 camera, and he uses many different editing sites.

“I like to change the lighting and the color scheme, I love to add some effects to make the scene better like darker or lighter,” Jackson said.

So not only has he put a lot of money into photography but he has put a lot of time into it as well with all his time spent editing. Both of these factors have led him to think about his future with photography.

“It’s given me a nice hobby to do other than that it’s kind of helped me improve my skills for my future career,” Jackson said.

His friend, senior Sam Al-Momami, said he is impressed by Jackson’s dedication to photography.

“I’ve seen [Sean take photos and edit]. He has a professional camera as well that he uses. His pictures are pretty nice,” Al-Momami said.

Photographers sometimes have a favorite spot or certain environment they like to take pictures at the best.

“I like going to parks and I’ll find in the forest some really good photos or take videos at other places as well like the gym,” Jackson said.

Jackson also has some dream locations that he would love to take pictures at.

“Iceland or New York. Iceland because it’s my dream vacation and the landscapes are beautiful. And New York because I go there every year, but I’ve never taken photos there,” Jackson said.

Jackson might be able to achieve these dreams as well if he continues down this path, which he makes clear he wants to do.

“[Photography is] one of my passions. I want to be an animator or a cinematographer,” Jackson said.

Jackson wants a future related to photography and his friend senior Harshann Randev also believes Jackson should pursue his passion.

“I think that’s just part of his passion and the person that he is. It’s based on inspiration and skill [so] I would suggest he keeps pursuing it unless he gets uninterested,” Randev said.

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