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Journey into the Spotlight: Sophomore Dedicated to Theatre

Ali Thuet
Junior Aedan Cody and sophomore Fynn McDermott review their lines before dress rehearsal, Nov. 1.

Unexpected silence ensues as rehearsed lines come to a slow. Eyes dart around the stage as everyone wonders who will save the script. Sophomore Fynn McDermott steps forward and takes on a humorous expression, ready to send the audience into rampant laughter.

“I need to perform, show them the story. And I just think about what’s going to happen next and I really don’t think about the audience there. I pretend they’re kind of not there and I’m just in the character’s feelings,” McDermott said.

His improvisation skills grew through acting in numerous community theatre productions since he was six, his favorites being “Footloose!” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” from the past year. McDermott loves comedic roles. He cares about the audience’s laughter even more than his own enjoyment.

“I’m passionate about [acting] because I get to perform in front of people and make them laugh and let them experience a way to leave this world behind. I want to give that feeling of escapism to the audience, like you just get to laugh for two hours or cry for two hours,” McDermott said.

Fellow thespians can see the enthusiasm he has. McDermott portrayed Alvin, a cowboy from Montana, in the Limelight Theatre’s fall production of “The Mummy’s Claw!” He worked alongside ten other actors. McDermott built a friendship on and off stage with senior Aedan Cody, who portrayed Brick Brock the football fiance.

 “He’s really funny and easy to work with. So if we need to improve anything, I immediately look at Fynn as a partner to do that bit with,” Cody said.

Theatre has become a way of life for McDermott; many see it as a definite part of his future.

“I expect him to go into either some subset of acting,” Cody said. “Or at the very least, keep doing it while he’s in college, even if he’s getting a different degree.”

A performing arts career is McDermott’s ultimate goal. He watches many performances to learn more about different acting styles, especially finding inspiration in actor Christian Brole’s work.

“I plan to hopefully do theater or acting professionally,” McDermott said. “And I just have to see how they do it and how much work gets put into it. It’s inspiring how much they put into the work and their craft.”

Besides Broadway inspiration, McDermott has figures in his life rooting for him as he continues his acting journey. His support system is made up of his family and friends, who are there for every aspect of his productions.

“My parents always supported me with theatre by telling me to just try my best and audition for everything even though I may not get in. And when I need to learn lines, [they] always run lines with me and I can run blocking in my living room with them. My friends are always there to support me and come see all my shows,” McDermott said.

McDermott is planning to audition for the Limelight Theatre’s spring musical, “Little Shop of Horrors”, and has just wrapped up work on “The Mummy’s Claw!”. He is planning to run for theatre troupe officer and participate in each of the productions in his junior and senior year. He offered advice to fellow rising stars.

“Always think positively and think about how you get to play a different person for a couple hours. Every time you get shut down or don’t get in a show, just keep on chugging along because eventually you’ll get in something and figure out that it was a good idea not to give up,” McDermott said.

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