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Ready for Takeoff: Junior Juggles Soccer Balls, Planes and Paper

As the propellers start moving, the fans on either side of the plane spin. Junior Brooke Novak turns the gear as the aircraft takes off in the sky. Just then, her phone starts ringing and notifications pop up. There is a new AP Government assignment that is due tonight, as well as a French paper. However, her coach moved yesterday’s practice to this afternoon. With all of these things to do, Novak has to manage her time wisely. 

“I always wanted to be in the Air Force. And always have been intrigued by planes as well. After high school I want to either go to the Air Force Academy or get into the ROTC [Reserve Officers’ Training Corps], but my main goal is to fly planes,” Novak said. 

Novak has always been passionate about flying planes; however, that is not the only thing she has to be worried about. 

“There is AP Government, which is mainly hard because it is an AP class. French 4 and Stats are pretty hard classes. I’d say I’m a smart student because, I maintain all A’s, with maybe an exception of like a B, but I’m also in the honors classes,” Novak said 

Even with all of these classes, Novak still makes time for other activities she is interested in. 

“Every three nights I have soccer and then the other two nights are filled with work. And then my weekends are usually when I have the most time to fly, but a lot of times I also have soccer on the weekends. So whenever the weather is nice and when I am free I fly,” Novak said.

Even with all of this on her plate, Novak reminds herself of her first day of flying and why she keeps going. 

“When I came down from my first flight, I just could not stop smiling for the rest of the day.  And obviously I was a little nervous and felt like flying was very hard but I knew this is where I belong,” Novak said.

 By juggling time to fly for planes, studying for her flight school, working on homework, and attending soccer practices, some may say that Novak is a role model student. 

“She’s an extremely hard worker. She will always give 100% effort, is positive and uplifting, and makes other people want to do better,” junior Haley Hilson said while talking about her best friend. 

Not just students, even Novak’s teachers have high hopes for her future. 

“I think Brooke will definitely get into the Air Force. She is really driven about it and makes sure she is on top of everything. I am really happy that I am Brooke’s teacher. She had to work really hard to get into this class for the semester because of her schedule,” French teacher Sam Sotheran said. 

While learning to become a pilot, has to focus on soccer practice and maintaining her grades. She keeps going to reach her dream because of the support and love she is getting, but also flying is her true passion. 

“Flying has been something I have always liked. But, ever since I was little I have just wanted to serve. First I wanted to be a police officer, then an air force pilot. So I think the big thing is that I want to serve and honor my country,” Novak said.

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