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Managing friendships and music

Aiyana Blaise
Sophomore Jessica Hale rehearses the euphonium in her wind ensemble class, Oct. 13.

Sophomore Jessica Hale just finished band rehearsal. Then she has baritone lessons after. On top of this, she has choir and Treblemakers. Music consumes most of her time nowadays. Hale also manages her social life on top of all these activities. How does she do it?

“I got involved with band in sixth grade. I stuck with it because it was fun. I just liked playing, and choir I started as a freshman, but I kind of have been familiar with music basically my whole life so it wasn’t really new,” Hale said

Hale has been involved with the band for almost five years and plays baritone. This is also her second year doing choir, although she has been singing almost her whole life. Outside of school, she takes lessons for baritone and plays piano. 

“Well, I guess [music] is kind of the main thing in my life. It’s just my main activity. It’s part of my life. I also teach piano to the little kids. So it’s kind of basically, everything I do,” Hale said.

Marching band, concert band and choir play big roles in Hale’s life. Managing three activities can be hard between schoolwork and practicing. Even though it can sometimes be stressful, Hale still thinks it is worth it 

“Just do your best. It’s really fun once you get into it,” Hale said.

Others who know Hale said she is a super hard-working person who puts in a lot of effort to improve.

“[Jessica] has a natural gift, but she also works for it, she takes lessons, she is serious about her craft,” band director Chris Miller said.

On top of being a musician, Hale is a friend. 

“[Jessica] is  just such a fun person to be with. And we have fun together and she’s just amazing,” Hale’s friend, sophomore Morgan Nickell said.

Nickell is also in band and choir with her.

          “She’s always just so nice to you. She always cares about every single thing. And she always makes sure you’re okay,” Nickell said.

          Band and choir classes are places one can find like-minded people and make close friends. Hale said she has met most of her friends through band and choir

          “Band and choir helped me make friends for sure. That’s where most of my friends are and they give me something to do,” Hale said.

        Hale puts the work into managing her social life on top of two activities, though this she comes across obstacles.

        “I think she is a very independent but driven person, so when she has a goal she is not going to let things get in her way. Obstacles are nothing for her, they are just little speed bumps that she navigates with ease,” Miller said.

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