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Running under pressure

Parker Nordgaarden
Senior Evyn Humphrey at the girls varsity cross country GACs, Oct. 12.

Standing on the track feeling the biting heat of the sun, she nervously steps her foot back, feeling her heart racing as the adrenaline sets in, and then just as she hears the loud bang from the starting pistol, her legs mechanically take full control into a running motion. Senior Evyn Humphrey begins her race. 

“What I love the most about track is just being able to not only focus on the team aspect of things but also focus on myself individually. And of course, you can’t help but have a good feeling whenever you medal in whatever you’re doing. So I guess there’s also pleasure in taking that as well. And the running world here in Missouri does like to recognize a lot of those who are having great seasons. So it’s also nice for the attention from the media. as well,” Humphrey said. 

Humphrey won 29th in state for cross country this fall and qualified for state for track and field last spring. 

“My highest achievement and track was probably when I qualified for state for the four by 800-meter relay, although we were one place away from being all-state. It was quite the experience and it opened my eyes to the competition that’s here in Missouri,” Humphrey said. 

Humphrey is not the only one who notices her talent in running long distances. Her brother, junior Logan Humphrey, is very proud of how far she’s gotten in this sport. 

“She has made me proud by running very well, and I’m just proud to have her as a sister,” Logan Humphrey said. 

Running has improved the way Evyn takes care of her body, physically and mentally. 

“Running in general has improved me as a whole person because when I was an underclassman, and I was playing volleyball and lacrosse, I was never told the importance of sleep. I probably also didn’t eat well either. But now that I realize how important it is to take care of my body when I’m constantly running, I’ve been eating healthier and getting much more sleep. I’ve been drinking a lot more water and overall it has just made me a really positively healthy person, a really healthy mentally person,” Evyn Humphrey said.

Evyn Humphrey’s determined personality affects the people around her, even outside her running. 

“Evyn’s greatest strength is that she is true to who she is…she has goals in mind and does not waver from what it takes to be successful.” social studies teacher BelleShultz said. 

Everybody needs a role model or someone to look up to, to inspire them to strive for better. 

“I would say that my parents have played a huge role in allowing me to stay focused and allowing me to stay healthy, of course. But most of all it is in Jesus Christ that ultimately allows me to stay focused in my running. He reminds me of in the midst of suffering that is when endurance and character and hope is produced the most,” Evyn Humphrey said.

Performance in sports isn’t only affected by athletic ability –  one’s attitude towards the sport greatly influences their performance. 

“A track athlete must be positive regardless of what happens. I also believe that while we should remain competitive with other teams, it’s also nice to be kind to others. Even those who are not necessarily on our school team are a good sport. I feel like someone who’s enthusiastic and confident within themselves is also a good quality to have and being healthy. And being determined to get better each and every single day is something that each track athlete should have.” Evyn Humphrey said. 

In such a high-pressure sport, one must stay motivated, and one should take some advice from Evyn. 

“For distance runners, I would say don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t let anyone in front of you and don’t let any times scare you. You have to aspire to the best of your ability and you have to work hard in your training season prior to in season.” Evyn Humphrey said.

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