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Students, Staff Disagree About Cellphone Policies

Classroom phone policies can cause disagreement among students and teachers.

“I think teachers care more about it … Because it’s in the teachers’ interest to keep kids off of their phones in class,” sophomore Fischer Kuester said.

Students and teachers had very different thoughts on who they thought cared more about phones in class.

“I think students would care more because that’s the thing that they like using, they like having, and if a teacher starts putting restrictions on it, then they’re gonna say ‘what gives?’” English teacher William Griffin said.

Griffin said having phones out affects productivity in class.

“Oh, [students are] so much less productive [with phones in class]. It’s not a question,” Griffin said.

While some teachers think that students are less productive with phones, other teachers think that phones can be helpful in class.

“I think it depends on the assignment or tasks, like sometimes, the phone can be an asset to what you’re doing. But like I said, in my class, it’s not something we’re using for what we’re doing,” math teacher Brandi Riegler said.

The student handbook states that teachers have the choice on how to handle phones in their own class. They also get the choice on how to discipline students that break their rules.

“I think it really depends on the teacher. The phone policy for one of my teachers in particular, she has a very strict policy… But for other teachers, they really don’t care,” junior Liam Sutherland said.





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