Hard work on field results in Howell Softball win over Lafayette

In a tournament this past weekend, varsity softball took on Washington, Owasso, and Lafayette. Battling through weather conditions on Saturday morning, the Vikings came out on top beating Lafayette, 5-4. 

“It felt good to beat Lafayette after a rough past few games,” Senior Maddie Illingworth said. “Lafayette has a solid lineup and I was proud we were able to come together as a team and win.” 

The Saturday game was halted due to rainy weather the night before. The softball program arrived at 7 A.M that morning to rake and prepare the field. The ordeal took an hour before Howell coaching staff concluded a time push back for all games that day. Not all games in the tournament were able to be played as Francis Howell v.s Owasso was canceled.  

“When we got there in the morning I was unsure if we were even going to play or not, but the team and coaches worked hard to get the field ready for us to play,” Junior Meghan McCutcheon said. “Thanks to music at seven in the morning, we were able to have a successful Saturday.”