Golden Girls Perform at Busch Stadium

This past week the Golden Girls performed a mixed pom, jazz, and hip-hop routine at Busch Stadium before the Cardinals game. The performance was a minute and a half, and was practiced with JV for two weeks before. The dance was learned over summer at a UDA (Universal Dance Association) clinic in Memphis, TN. 

“We were able to watch the Cardinals game after our performance, and eat a lot of food such as ice cream and dippin dots,” Senior Paige Oppermann said. “Getting to watch the game together as a team with our coaches, friends, and family was really fun.”   

The program is coming off a historic year after winning a National Championship last Feb. during UDA Nationals in Orlando, FL. The performance at Busch was broadcasted on the Jumbotron inside the stadium and Ballpark Village.

“We started the wave and got on the Jumbotron, which was really cool,” Oppermann said. “We had three representatives from our program go on the field before the game due to them selling the most tickets for our fundraiser.”