5 Seconds of Summer “Complete Mess” Review

The pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer (or 5SOS) prepared its fans for a new era by releasing a new song and music video March 2. The song is titled “Complete Mess”  and the band teased it prior to release with voice memos on Twitter and a sound for TikTok that quickly went viral.  


The music video premiered on YouTube and featured the band wearing bright colored outfits and walking through a desert as the sun went down. Despite its simplicity, the video pairs well with the mood of the song.  


The single marks the start of the band’s fifth studio album, currently nicknamed 5SOS5, giving fans more to look forward to at the band’s upcoming tour. The members shared March 4 on Entertainment Tonight that they recorded the song during the height of the pandemic at Joshua Tree Studio. 


The song marks the maturity of the band, made clear from the way members harmonize in the chorus to delivering loud but soothing vocals. The track gives an idea of the serene and exhilarating feeling that their upcoming album and setlist for the tour carry. 


Since the band formed in 2011, it has significantly changed in the way members write, sing, and compose songs. When comparing this new single to one of the first hits, “She Looks so Perfect”, one can tell the band has better vocal range and control over their melodies. 


The band took a chance at doing its own production, letting member Michael Clifford produce the track. Hopefully this trend continues and the band produces more of its own work, especially as members have proven that they know how to create a smooth and catchy song as a group without help.


This new single is worth a chance, perfect for warm weather or during a drive. It feels even more beautiful and tranquil the more it’s played. It’s a sweet and warm escape and fans will be able to hear it live this summer.