Gabarini finishes second at GAC dive

Nat Fletcher, Staff Writer

Sophomore Larissa Garbarini finishes second at the GAC dive meet. In her second season of diving, this is her highest finish at a GAC meet. Swimming every weekday from 8 to 10 p.m., the team has been preparing all season for the Jan. 29 meet.

“I was really happy after I found out I placed second. I didn’t think I would do that good because I didn’t know some of the dives,” Garbarini said. 

The top divers in the conference met at the Rec-Plex for the four-hour meet. 

“I felt a little pressure knowing that some top divers would be there because I knew I wouldn’t place first, but I knew I had to try. After diving, I knew I did good based on most of my dives because I got nines and I have never gotten those before,” Garbarini said.