Why can’t sophomores buy year-long parking passes editorial

Sophomores are permitted to buy a parking pass if they are in a sponsored sport or activity that meets at least three times a week. Those $20 passes extend through one sport season, either fall, winter, or spring. At the end of that season, one can’t extend their pass. That sophomore would need to buy another $20 pass. Students with after school jobs aren’t eligible for a parking spot. Sophomores who are permitted to buy a parking pass should be able to buy a semester long parking pass like seniors and juniors instead of a season pass.

Sophomores that play two multiple season sports may feel cheated for needing to buy multiple season parking pases if they want to drive to school, but the students are spending the same amount to park all year, but the need to divide seasons for the sophomores alone is unnecessary. This is also more work for the secretaries, making two passes for a sophomore when normally they would make only one for any upperclass student. 

This rule is in place because of the idea that not all sophomore students drive themselves to school, but it’s still not fair for those who do wish to drive to school and would prefer their vehicle to the bus. This rule also helps to reserve parking spots for upperclassmen. While seniors and juniors should have first pick of parking spots if there are enough available spots in the back parking lots, why not allow a sophomore to buy a semester long pass?

In 2019, there were 21 sophomores driving in the fall, and 33 driving in the winter. The school would’ve made $540 more if these sophomores would’ve been able to buy a semester long pass. These students who play multiple season sports, should be able to buy  semester-long parking passes instead of season-long passes like their older classmates.