Twitter Becomes One of The Fastest Ways to Reach Information at Howell

Before social media, students dialed a hotline to check for activities information.  Now, because of Twitter, they have a quick way to know what is going on.  


“Twitter at all times is great for score updates or when any alumni have had a sensational season or outstanding game.  It is also great for communication,” Coach Janet Muehling said.


The Twitter account @FHVikings, run by activity director Sean Erwin, has updates for sports and other activities.  Almost daily the account is retweeting or tweeting beneficial information.  A popular use for Howell Twitter is checking football scores.  


“I use Twitter to check the scores so I know if the football team is winning,”  freshman Lily Piper said.


In addition to activities, Principal Dave Wedlock maintains an active Twitter account.


“When some parents don’t always know where to get information, they can check my Twitter account @FHHSPrincipal for retweets from different activity accounts for Howell,” Wedlock said.


There are different accounts for some sports and activities.  Erwin also uses his for positive news.

“My favorite part of using Twitter is to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. It is also fun to share with our entire Howell family the amazing things our students are doing,” Erwin said.