MOYAG Teaches Life Skills to Students

It happens in Jefferson City every year. Students receive a case and it becomes a fight for position. All within one assembly. 


Missouri Youth and Government (MOYAG) holds a yearly trip in Jefferson City, MO. The trip occurs Nov. 11-13, and club members will have to make up work when returning to school. Over 130 kids attend. For each branch, legislative and judicial, 10-12 students are on each committee. Two-thirds of students are legislators. 


“Students will be handed out materials, form a group, and learn what time their case is at. We will get there at 11 a.m, and go to the hotel at 10 p.m,” sponsor Jennifer Flores said. 


It gives students law skills and shows them what court cases are truly like. 


“I want kids to get a sense of responsibility on this trip,” Flores said. 


Senior Anna Rausch went her freshman and sophomore year.


“My favorite thing about this trip is being able to meet other students from different high schools all over St. Louis,” Rausch said. “We have jokes that only other MOYAG kids understand.” 


Each group gets its own hotel room and can go places to eat without a teacher present. Students can be independent and have a little freedom. 


“My favorite thing about MOYAG was the freedom it allows you to travel around Jefferson City,” senior Megan Clark said. 


MOYAG also hosts a mixer. It gives students a chance to meet with people from other schools and to simply relax and have fun.


“The mixer on the second night is a ton of fun because you just start dancing and talking with people you have never met before,” Clark said.