Winter Guard In Need of New Participants

Winter guard needs help expanding its group. Coaches Charlie Bourrage, Connor Frisch, and Emily Ferrario are holding tryouts in commons Nov. 3-5, from 6-9 p.m.


“I enjoyed fall guard so much I wanted to continue something I loved and see how it was without the Marching Band,” junior Sadie Reddan said.


Winter guard consists of traveling to different states and staying in hotels.The cost is a rough estimate of around $860. Members travel to states like Illinois and Indiana.

“You get to travel with your friends and have great experience on bus rides. Also being able to watch other teams routines gave me the inspiration for my own show,” Reddan said.


Winter guard prides itself on being a big family. 


“It is fun to get closer with a certain group of friends that feel like family,” Reddan said   “You find a group of people who are like you.”


Guard trains the members to understand every type of toss dealing with flags, rifles and sabres. Guard also shows members how to do drop spins. Coaches also help teach everyone the different ways to count the music. Guard counts in many different ways, it all depends on the music.


“You get to experience how different it is without the Marching Band,” senior Max McMullen said. “ Also how fun it can be with your group.”


According to coaches, the experiences that happen in this activity are life lessons. Guard can show that sometimes things do not go as planned and end up different.


“One morning we arrived at the school at 4 a.m. for a competition and our bus never arrived,” Reddan said  “So instead we had a team bonding day at the mall.”