Ricky Reeves Named Project Lead The Way Outstanding Teacher

Project Lead the Way awarded its Outstanding Teacher award to Industrial Tech teacher Ricky Reeves. This award was designed to recognize teachers who inspire, engage, and empower their students through a transformative classroom environment and experience. Project Lead the Way recognized Reeves for his work teaching engineering, Reeves is in his fifth year at Howell, and his 13th year in education.

“I was surprised, and honored,” Reeves said. “I don’t teach for the award or gratitude, the students are what I’m worried about.”

Reeves sponsors Robotics and Esports, normally not leaving until 6-7 p.m. Many of Reeves’ students stay in his classes multiple years because of the great experiences they have with him, and the memories they’ve made. 

“Mr. Reeves makes sure all the students understand all the projects. In my four years being taught by him, I have never had an issue and I don’t feel anyone else has either,” senior Austin Frazier said. 

Reeves teaches engineering, woodworking, and 3D printing. All Industrial Tech courses offer full college credit, and the first project is up to the students so long as safety is followed. In the past, one full project was done and submitted through the video game Minecraft.

“I try to have my students enjoy learning, we do stuff to learn, not learn stuff to do,” Reeves said.

Reeves was one of the 74 teachers in the country, and one of 13 teachers awarded in Missouri. Howell North’s Industrial Tech teacher, Michael Green also received the award.

The PLTW banquet occurs Oct. 2021. Reeves was the 2021 Howell teacher of the year and also helps lead a Boy Scout Troop. 

“The one thing I hope this does is to help people realize we’re here to explore these classes. It’s not just the nerds that take these classes. They’re really a lot of fun,” Reeves said.