No Heels at Homecoming Dance on Turf


For homecoming, STUCO decided to switch things up. Instead of homecoming being held in the commons, it decided the Oct. 2 dance will take place on the football field after COVID protocols canceled last year’s event.


“We wanted to create a more open area for social distancing,” principal Dave Wedlock said.


During homecoming, students will be able to participate in a number of different activities, from singing and dancing, to playing music, and to getting photoshoots at the camera blocks that are provided to the attendees.


Along with the change in location of the event comes a new rule which restricts the use of certain types of shoes.


“The flat shoe requirement helps to prevent damage on the field,” Wedlock said. “Heels or similarly designed shoes could create holes in the turf, which would be difficult to repair and may cause safety issues in future field use.”


The location switch is appreciated among attendees.


“With homecoming being on the football field, I think that it will be quite weird but nice, since we will have more room to move around and we are not in an enclosed area,”  junior Adrian McHaney said.