Golf finishes its season 5-0 after two players score in top 50 at GACS

The boys golf program competed in state May 17-18.

“I was trying really hard to be in the top 50 during the championship. I wanted to show everyone what I can do as a player,” junior Quin Hoenig said.

Hoenig placed 32nd with a score of 151. Sophomore Augie Johnson also placed 47th, with a score of 156.

“The model we went for during this season was ‘confidence.’ I think that Augie and Quin displayed that excellently through great sportsmanship and effort,” coach Mark Henley said.

Boys golf ended its season 5-0.

“I’m really glad at how well I placed, and how far I have come as a player in my golfing career,” Hoenig said.