Lacrosse ends season 12-5 with highest win ratio in program history

The girls varsity lacrosse program ended their season (12-5). Taking the spot of the highest win rate in the program’s six-year history. 

“I’m astounded at how much the Lacrosse program has grown, we had more freshmen try out than ever before, had an undefeated JV season, and a new record for wins on our Varsity team,” coach Lauren Ginn said. “We all put in the work necessary to win as a team. I can’t wait to see what else we can do.”

JV girls lacrosse finished their season with an undefeated score of (10-0).

“Honestly I was so surprised when we finished the season undefeated, as a goalkeeper I felt like I had an important responsibility to maintain. With the help of everyone else on the team we managed to do the best we’ve ever had,” junior Isabella Luca said.