Olivia Rodrigo makes a name for herself outside of Disney with new album “SOUR”


May 21. Olivia Rodrigo released her new album “SOUR”, making a name for herself outside of her work with Disney while beginning to take a deeper dive into her musical career. Starting from a loud rock beat, to a slow and understanding connection with her young listeners.

Rodrigo gave fans a sneak peek of “SOUR” Jan. 8. with drivers license. The song peaked on TikTok and Twitter. People immediately fell in love with the songwriter, making the song number one on Billboards’ Hot 100 for eight weeks straight. 

April 1. Rodrigo released her second song on the album, deja vu. Comparing personal events, teens around the world shared their anger over Rodrigo’s recent breakup. The worldwide support made her debut album reach one billion listens on Spotify the day it fully released.

Every song on “SOUR” is full of emotion making it incredibly successful. The album’s purpose was to spread awareness about breakups to teens, showing that any emotions felt are valid. 

I loved every song in “SOUR”, Rodrigo’s debut already has me waiting for the next album. After playing her role in High School Musical: The Musical she set the stage for all of us to be excited and prepared for the next top-chart singer.