Drama Club wraps up their 2020-2021 season and announces 2021-2022 season

At the Drama Club banquet May 23. Drama Club inducted 10 new members into the Troupe 1917 Thespian Society and honored 10 seniors with honor cords.

To qualify for the Thespian Society the drama student must accumulate 10 points which equals 100 hours of work in the theatre. To get an honor cord the drama student must accumulate 60 or more points which equal 600 hours of work in the theatre.

“Getting inducted is a pretty crazy feeling, especially since I’m way overdue on it. It feels like I’m officially a real part of drama despite being pretty connected with it,” junior Aiden Ferrar said.

“Getting the honor cord was really exciting for me because it was nice to get recognition for all the hours I put into theatre since freshman year,” senior Isadora Vaccaro said.

Along with the inductions the Drama Club also announced their shows for the upcoming 2021-2022 season. The fall play will be The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Simon Stephens and the spring musical will be Legally Blonde by Heather Hach.


Inducted Thespians:

Alexander Collins

Alison Emery

Aidan Ferrar

Ben Finchamp

Jessie Hattemar

Allison Meyer

Caitlin Moran

Kyleigh Nickell

Cecelia Norris

Zoey Price


Honor Cords:

Lily Moore (National Honor Thespian)

Martín Villaseca

Katie Thuet

Dora Vaccaro

Allie Thornton

Morgan Osman

Jale Evans

Sam Temper

Bella Bartner

Chloee Rudolph