Sony Animation continues streak of excellence with The Mitchells vs. the Machines


After a limited release in theaters April 23, Mike Rianda’s directorial debut, The Mitchells vs. the Machines debuted on Netflix, April 30.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines tells the story of a dysfunctional family that winds up having to save Earth from a robot uprising while on a road trip. 

The strongest aspect of this film is the unique animation style and creative risks that are imbued within that style.

Though the film did exaggerate technology at times in the beginning, you can tell that the film comes from writers who have a passion for the power of new technology. 

From the less conventional animation style to the creative editing, this all works to prove that Sony Animation is just hitting its stride. It’s enjoyable for adults and kids alike without alienating either too severely. 

The voice acting was all great and the screenplay worked when it needed to. The film was a bit longer than it needed to be with a runtime nearing two hours. The humor worked at times and the same can be said for the emotional resonance. 

The biggest issue is the pacing. It does lack a clear visual identity and ends up feeling a bit unmemorable. Still, The Mitchells vs. the Machines is another fantastic entry in what can only be described as the rebirth of Sony Animation as a serious voice in the film community.