Choir prepares for Singer’s Choice

Split into two nights on May 13 & 14, the Howell Choirs will be holding their yearly Singer’s Choice event. 

“Singer’s Choice’ is different from our usual performances, because it’s like a show choir. It’s a lot of fun and going to be really good in my opinion,” sophomore Cole Bahn said.

The tickets are $8 and guests will be limited to four tickets.

“Even with all the setbacks we have faced with these precautions we have persevered and found ways to make this the best it can possibly be,” senior Morgan Osman said. “I am very excited for this show and for everyone to see all of the hard work that has been put into it.”

Choir will perform several musical numbers including group, solo and small group performances based on the theme ‘Musical Legends’. 

“Singer’s Choice can be stressful at times because there is a lot of choreo to remember. Also because it is our biggest performance of the year everyone wants to make it look good. We are always excited and sometimes have a lot to do in a short period of time, but it’s always worth it,” senior Sam Temper said.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions there have been changes to the usual fundraiser including no desserts, limited seating, masks, and no dress rehearsals for the choir.

“It’s so different from last year. Not only do we have to match costumes with our choir, but now we have to worry about masks too,” junior Jessie Hattemar said. “Even with all the changes it is still so much fun, and I can tell how hard everyone is working.”

Choir will also be holding a raffle of gift certificates and merchindise to help raise funds to support the choir.