Senior awards and 4.0 celebration set for May 19 & May 21

Due to COVID-19 the regular senior awards ceremony is now an average school day assembly. 

Senior awards night will now be a two step process. May 19 there will be an online celebration, with invitations sent to individual students who have received an award. May 21 there will be an in person celebration starting first hour, with all the students who would have gone to the 4.0 luncheon or the senior awards ceremony, which will be a total of about 200 seniors. 

“This idea came from there being no 4.0 celebration this year. It used to be a luncheon with seniors from all three of the high schools at Old Hickory, but due to COVID restrictions it is not possible this year,” Principal Dave Wedlock said.

The in-person event will be held at school in the large gym with no parents, but will be live streamed. Students will sit socially distanced, be called alphabetically by name to walk across the stage and be given their awards consisting of scholarships, department awards, GPA awards, and other achievements made through their years as a Viking. 

They will be able to take a professional picture with their award that parents can then purchase online. 

“It’s very disappointing that we aren’t able to get together and have our normal events, but it’s very heartening that we can still gather in a way and cheer each other on and celebrate all things Howell,” Wedlock said.

The celebration allows the school to be able to contact trace and ensure students safety.

“I just feel like we are missing out on traditions, but I also know the school did the best they could under our circumstances,” senior Isabel Fairbanks said.

Others feel that they are just not getting the recognition they deserve for their hard work through all their years. 

“I wish there were ways they could do just a little bit more to give recognition for us seniors,” senior Reed Wilson said.