Sam’s Southern Eatery offers a fresh addition to growing number of restaurants on Highway K

Sam’s Southern Eatery, located at 1120 Technology Dr Ste 109, O’Fallon, MO, 63368, has a broad selection of dishes available for its customers, ranging from falafels and chicken wings to fish and shrimp. 

Oct 28. Sam’s replaced P’sghetti’s in the location. Sam’s offers authentic Southern and Mediterranean cuisine. The chain originally started in Shreveport, Louisiana, in 2008, and it has since expanded into the Midwest.

Sam’s is a family style, sit-down restaurant, but it also offers carry out options. Depending on your need, this restaurant could either be a quick grab-and-go, or it could be a full night out with friends and family. The dishes are high-quality and under $20 each.

The highlight of Sam’s menu is their gumbo. Before trying a whole bowl, Sam’s offers a four ounce complimentary sample size for their customers to try. 

The regular dish comes in a 10 oz cup for $4.99, so you can get the comfort food feel for cheap. The dish combines a savory mixture of sausage, shrimp, and chicken on a base of rice, celery, and peppers. The broth ties together the entire dish with a cajun style spice blend. The dish has a bit of a kick, but it is not too spicy for anyone with a more tame palate. Sam’s gumbo is a must-try for all customers.

The fish and shrimp are jacketed in a cajun-style seasoning which brings the flavors of Southern fish frys and crawfish boils to the Midwest. The fish comes in either a four or six-piece option, and the shrimp comes in an eight or 12-piece option. Each meal also comes with a choice of two, four ounce sides. 

The meals at Sam’s offer  large portions. The fish are a foot long per piece and the jumbo shrimp are about four inches long, and their meals are sure to leave you stuffed.

After the main meal Sam’s dessert menu satisfies the sweet tooth with Mediterranean staples such as baklava, which is served warm, topped with pistachios. The fluffy layers are the right blend of pastry, honey, and nuts. The baklava has the right amount of crunch, and it perfectly balances the halfway point between sweet and tart.

Not only is the food at Sam’s great, but the service reflects the Southern hospitality advertised. The owner Sammy Jaraba (a happy coincidence his name matched with the chain) is often in-house working as a server and is happy to offer recommendations. 

Overall Sam’s Southern Eatery is a must try for those who enjoy southern comfort foods. It is a great addition to the growing number of restaurants on Highway K.