Track competes in Holt invitational

Apr. 7, Howell’s track team was able to be part of the 21 team Holt Invitational where the fastest runners from the county’s highschools brought on competition between athletes.

“An invitational is a race where it’s the best runners in the county competing,” freshman Sterling Holloman said. “It’s not that the school is invited but it’s that they want to see the best runners.”

With the best runners within the county being present, these types of meets are competitive. And for those who participate in them, the opportunity to run and compete with other people who are of similar skill and speed has an effect on the runners. 

“It gives you something to stride for,” Holloman said. “It being an invitational made me feel rushed during my two events because I need to get my team points to win.”

COVID-19 affected how the meet was run and the rules around it. Changes included minimizing attendance and requiring masks.

“The meet was not as big as before,” said Holloman. “The new mask part also gets annoying while you’re trying to warm up, and you don’t think about wearing your mask as much because you’re outside. Altogether it was definitely fun.”