Band and choir medal in solo and ensemble March. 3

MSHAA State Solo and Ensemble released the 2021 medalists in both band and choir March 3. Choir’s Solo Gold Medalists were senior Elise Martinez, junior Paige Draney, and sophomore Kelsey Hale.

“It felt amazing to get gold, I’ve been wanting a Gold Medal for the past two years, and due to COVID-19 I wasn’t able to go for it last year, the music was difficult but we got the pieces a bit earlier than I thought we would, so it was a little less stressful leading up to the actual recording,” junior Paige Draney said

Silver Medalists were seniors Alexia Thornton, Hannah Inchiostro, and Jale Evans; juniors Elliott Burchett, Mady Lender, and Rachel Kreith; and freshman Kyleigh Nickell.

“I thought I bombed the audition, leading up to it I kept thinking about how much I need to rehearse because it would be rated on a solo performance.” junior Mady Lender said.“I’m very proud of all that Choir has accomplished this year and how far we’ve all come to be an amazing group.”

Choir Ensemble Gold Rating went to the Chamber Quartet and the Women’s Chamber Sextet. Silver went to Chamber Mixed Double Quartet, Concert Sextet, and Women’s Chamber Double Quartet.

Along with Choir, Band Solo Gold Medalists were senior Tyler Albrecht on the bass clarinet, juniors Spencer Hale on the trumpet and Audrey Jackson on the violin, sophomore Kelsey Hale on the piano, and freshman Daniel Kent on the trombone. 

At first I didn’t think I deserved the Gold Medal, when I was recording I was just flowing through the music on what felt like autopilot. But I felt relieved after knowing that seven years of playing paid off in the end,” senior Tyler Albrecht said.

Silver Medalists were freshman Karissa Simmons on the trombone, sophomore Shreyas Sakthivel on the alto saxophone, juniors Kendal Abeln on the euphonium, and Layna Mangiapanello on the violin; along with Bronze Medalist senior Alexia Thornton on the flute.

“Being a string instrument is a little tough in the scheme of school competitions, I had to work with an oboe part, which shows how adaptable string players have to be in order to end up making it all the way to State, especially in the Solo category,” junior Layna Mangiapanello said.