Black Ops: Cold War debuts is worth the hype

From the campaign storyline to the multiplayer features, Black Ops: Cold War is worth every penny. Cold War debuted Nov. 13, and it has not disappointed.

With a campaign inspired by true events, every CIA mission a player embarks on is unique and action packed. The campaign features an undercover mission at the KGB headquarters, a stealth mission set in East Berlin, and an air strike mission set in Vietnam. Players’ main goal is to track down Perseus, a Soviet intelligence officer presumed dead until a captured enemy soldier reveals he lives. With astounding graphics and a solid storyline, Cold War lives up to the Black Ops hype.

The multiplayer feature is better than ever with new guns like the Krig 6 (based on the AK5) and XM4 (a fully auto AR that fires 5.56mm rounds). The game mode selection is just as extensive as any other Call of Duty. Fan favorite map, Nuketown, now has a 24/7 mode so players can use it at any time.

For veteran COD players, Zombies mode has a fairly large map and a familiar building as well. There are different rarities in the guns you can buy as well as different types of zombies that you have to kill. There is also an Easter egg, a side quest where you have the option of calling in a helicopter to extract you and actually “win” the game. Otherwise you can choose to play until you die. Another new feature to this mode is aether crystals that let you upgrade guns and perks permanently.

Though it is a good game, there are some setbacks.  For example, the split screen feature does not work. And though multiplayer may have a lot of modes to choose from, it only has eight maps which vary in quality. Despite this, great graphics and decent servers the game will still live up to your expectations.