Phoebe Bridger’s EP Copycat Killer follows tone of lyrics to a tee

Nov. 10, American indie artist Phoebe Bridgers, released a new version of her song “Kyoto.” The remake “Kyoto (Copycat Killer version),” which appears in an acoustic EP of Punisher she collaborated on with Rob Moose, Copycat Killer.

The original “Kyoto” is filled with upbeat guitar, drums, and horns, contrasting the sullen lyrics. “Kyoto (Copycat Killer version)” carries a much softer tone. The pairing of light yet intense strings helps emphasize the already depressing lyrics.

Lyrics “I don’t forgive you, please don’t hold me to it,” and “I’m gonna kill you, if you don’t beat me to it,” highlight the song’s dark backstory behind the lyrics based on Bridgers’ personal experiences.

Bridgers paired her new release with stunning visuals and animations compiled into a music video created by Isaiah Gernhardt and Lachlan Turczan. The video surpassed 32,000 views within 24 hours of the original upload.

Copycat Killer was released Nov. 20.