Skincare myths may hinder your path to healthy skin

Acne is one of the biggest insecurities for teens, and can interfere with confidence growing up. Acne causes many teens to be antisocial and want to hide, according to Live Science. Millions of people today struggle with acne and fall for the myths about skincare all over the internet.

A common skincare myth is that a skincare routine should be many steps with a variety of expensive products. However, some products that strip the skin can actually harm more than help.

“I used to suffer from really annoying acne, and I thought using expensive products that online dermatologists and skin estheticians recommended would help. Instead it made my skin much worse,” senior Savannah Wicks said. 

Using too many products may add more unwanted oil and dead skin cells to the face, leading to more acne. 

“I decided one day to just stick to washing my face twice a day with a $1 bar of soap. No toners, expensive cleansers, nothing. Months later I was shocked at how glowing my skin was! I felt so much more confident. I now stick to Dove bar face soap for sensitive skin, and use it twice a day,” Wicks said. 

One person’s skin type is not the same as another, so it’s important to choose what works for you.