Howell Activities Network lets students watch games from home


Howell has created a virtual platform to view different sports if people are not able to physically be at the games: the Howell Activities Network. 

“This is a new opportunity that I started so that families have the opportunities to see their student participate,” athletic director Sean Erwin said. “There are many activities and sports that may not allow spectators or a limited number of spectators so this new opportunity allows them to view the events.” 

Erwin’s YouTube channel averages 20,000 views a month. Depending on the sport or activity, the views can be several hundred or up to several thousand. 

“We put emphasis on activities and sports that do not allow spectators or have greatly reduced capacity that makes it difficult to attend the activity or event,” Erwin said. 

While the channel is primarily used for the streaming of activities and sports, it is also used to stream pep assemblies and to highlight other great things students are doing.  

“I do a large portion of the games and also utilize volunteers that film the games as well,” Erwin said. “A majority of the games do not have an announcer. We do from time to time when we have the ability to.” 

People can find this channel by going to or by searching Howell Activities Network on YouTube.