Winter sports impact tests end Oct. 21

The Howell winter sports season begins Friday, Nov. 13. Students have until Oct. 26 to register for a sport. Due to COVID-19, MSHSAA registration is online. Students can access the MSHSAA registration via the school website. 

Winter sports include: girls swimming, wrestling, girls basketball, and boys basketball. 

There have been few changes to regulations. However, all sports will play.

“Practices have added precautions based on the guidelines our district is following,” athletic director Sean Erwin said. “No limits on sports, but coaches will work to provide social distancing and smaller groups when possible.”

Tryouts will still occur.

“Many of our winter sports have tryouts,” Erwin said. “All tryouts are broken down by level and sport so the tryouts are not one large group,” 

Sports requiring impact testing will test Wednesdays until Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Virtual meet-the-coaches will still be held.

“Parents and students watch on their own and sign off that they viewed it.” Erwin said.