COVID-19 safety signs emerge around school

Wear a mask. Stay to the right. Wash your hands. You can see these signs everywhere while walking down the hallways.

The signs are hanging up to help stop the spread of COVID-19. With such a rapid spreading disease, Howell wants students to follow every safety sign.

“I think any messages that convey the seriousness of the issues with which we are currently dealing are important. People need reminders about little things so we can keep schools open in person,” assistant principal Michael Parker said.

Key people in the school have been doing their part to make sure all students and staff are following the rules and staying safe. The school district asked for signs to be put up, and it was done by Dean Holly Avis and Activities director Sean Erwin.

“The signs offer a small reminder of what is believed to keep our students and staff safe,” Parker said.

Since no one is completely sure when this pandemic will be over, it is hard to say when all these reminders will be taken down for good.

“My guess is, not for the foreseeable future,” Parker said.