New math teacher Kaitlyn Kleinschmidt starts “food war” with math teacher Darwin Zimmerman

Math teacher Kaitlyn Kleinschmidt had an unusual way of welcoming herself as a new staff member to Howell’s math department. Kleinschmidt started a so-called “food war” with fellow staff member Darwin Zimmerman across the hall from her.

Everyday she walks into Zimmerman’s classroom, steals one of his snacks for the day, eats it, then returns any trash from it. When joining Zimmerman for lunches in his classroom, Kleinschmidt discovered the snack stash behind his desk.

“I grew up being a food mooch, so when I see food I take it, and I eat it,” said Kleinschmidt.

“It makes me angry,” Zimmerman said. “but it has caused us to have a better bond. Food always bonds people together.” 

The two teachers joke about disliking each other, but Zimmerman brought the new staff member under his wing and welcomed her to the staff in their own fun way. 

“It makes me feel warm and welcome being new at Francis Howell, when he willingly let’s me steal his food,” Kleinschmidt said.