Ruth Bader Ginsberg Passes Away at 87

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginspurg passed away in Washington D.C. on Sept. 8. 

“I was devastated by the loss of RBG. As our only defense against patriarchal domination, she protected female autonomy rights over our own bodies- a luxury often dismissed in modern politics,” junior Sophie Gruener said. 

During her lifetime, Ginsburg achieved several milestones for women across the country through the Equal Protection Clause, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and was a crucial vote in Roe v. Wade. 

“You have to acknowledge everything she’s done for the court, for women’s rights, for setting the pace for a new generation of progressive Americans,” junior Izzy Luca said. 

Although supporters admired her, some students felt she should have retired during Barack Obama’s term.

“She was extremely old and knew about her cancer diagnosis since before Obama’s second term. While it shouldn’t have come down to a situation like this, the entire weight of Roe v. Wade is riding on her next appointment. Had she retired during Obama’s administration we would have had a liberal judge cemented on the court,” Luca said. 

With Ginsburg passing during President Donald Trump’s term, there have been debates whether or not the next supreme court justice should be nominated till after the election, which was Ginsburg’s dying wish.

“My only hope is that the next justice is not appointed before the election. Republicans did not allow Obama to appoint a new justice nine months before the election so hopefully the same holds and a justice cannot be appointed a month and a half before the election,” junior Tishitha Avaru said. 

Despite the dilemma, the president has nominated Judge Amy Coney Benett, a conservative leaning judge.