Tik Tok Files Lawsuit Against Trump Administration

The social media platform TikTok will be blocked from app stores in America Sept. 20. A nationwide ban on usage of the app will be delayed until Nov. 12.

Tiktok filed a lawsuit Aug. 24, against the Trump Administration with claims of inhibiting their right to due process. Taking measures to avoid being banned in the U.S, TikTok released their plan to appeal to the ban.

“In our proposal to the U.S. Administration, we’ve already committed to unprecedented levels of additional transparency and accountability well beyond what other apps are willing to do, including third-party audits, verification of code security, and US government oversight of US data security,” a statement from TikTok spokesperson Hilary McQuaide said.  

There are TikTok users claiming that the ban is an attack on the freedom of speech under the First amendment.

“Why would you try to take away a place where people can connect with each other? If anything they should focus on COVID-19 rather than some app,” junior Dustin Davis said.

The Trump Administration claimed that they will not heavily enforce the ban, just remove TikTok from the app store.