Football Fan Restrictions


Sports are different, everything is. The addition of masks and social distancing has changed the way that sports are conducted. It is affecting more than just the players and coaches. There are only two fans allowed per player, so there hasn’t been a full stadium all season. With a limit of 1200 tickets being sold, only 200 will be allowed for students while the other 1000 are for parents and fans. 

Tickets will be sold to students in groups of four. Student ID is required. Tickets will only be sold the week of a home game, and there’s only four home games scheduled. Seniors can purchase tickets Monday, juniors on Tuesday, and if there are tickets available, all grade levels can purchase on Wednesday. 

“I am planning on showing up as early as possible to try to get a ticket when they are sold,” senior Lilli Machado said. “I don’t want to miss out on the last times I could watch high school football.”

“I will get the tickets in the morning before everyone else does,” sophomore Elly College said. 

Games can still be watched online, and are streamed at

“We had over 8,000 view the events we live streamed during the first week,” activities director Sean Erwin said.

“Every week I watch the football game online either with my family or friends,” Machado said. 

It’s not the same. The student section will be in the endzone, not the stands. Fans will bring lawn chairs, have a marked area they can sit in, and will be socially distanced. 

“I miss dressing up in different themes with my friends and just the overall atmosphere,” College said. 

“Cheering for a high school team is different than cheering for a professional team,” Machado said, “when we cheer we are cheering for people we know, our friends.”

Not having fans doesn’t make the team play different, but the environment has changed. 

“I’m not happy with the restrictions because Howell wants the atmosphere is it known for,” senior Jackson Hetzel said. “It’s my senior year and not being able to play in atmospheres like I have the past year is sad.”

“A big play is anticlimactic compared to years past,” senior Reid Weber said. 

Players miss having their friends and family there to support them. 

“My friends can’t go and it makes me feel horrible,” Hetzel said. “Students love going to games and it gives them something to do on Friday nights.”

“My little brother and grandparents occasionally came to my games as well but they have not been able to go,” Weber said. “We have the broadcast they can watch but it’s not the same as having them there.”

Fans miss the excitement of the Friday night lights. 

“The thing I miss most is the interaction with our students, parents and community at our events,” Erwin said. “We have great attendance and support and it is unfortunate that we are not able to have that same experience currently.”

“I feel like I am missing out on something that is a big part of my school year,” Machado said. “The football games are some of my best high school memories.”