Business Entrepreneurship Plans To Open School Store

The business entrepreneurship classes are currently reviewing the possibility of a walk-in school store containing snacks, drinks, and spirit wear. 

Teacher Erika  Halloran’s fifth period hopes to have this idea become a reality.

“An environment like that would be helpful, so you can also teach students things like customer service, as well as different people handling money and doing a lot of marketing,” senior Autumn Laure said.

According to Laure, those taking entrepreneurship in the Fall 2020 would open the store in August. 

“I think having an all year round school store would be bring in more profits because kids forget money sometimes, so they won’t have to wait until the next sale,” junior Bella Lopez said.

Like the current spirit wear, the plan is that 40% of earnings will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Entrepreneurship hopes to open the store in the commons for easy access and open spacing. The possibility of a school store has been tried multiple times, but failed for reasons such as funding and lack of advertising throughout the student body. 

“It’s more than just selling stuff. It gives you more insight into the business world,” Lopez said.