Disney + In High Demand

The new streaming platform, Disney+, signed up over 10 million people in a little over a single day when it was released, Nov. 12. Disney + has access to Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney media including original shows, movies, spinoffs, and shorts. 

Disney+ will rival all other streaming platforms because of its media and their prices. Disney will most likely be gone from Netflix by late 2019; however, it is believed that some shows like Disney Pixar’s Coco will be on Netflix, and not Disney+, because of their previous contract. Disney+ will eventually be the only place to watch new content, starting with Captain Marvel and then all released after that. Additionally, Disney bought out Hulu, which will hold Disney’s adult oriented media, and Disney+ will hold E through PG-13 media. 

Because Disney’s media will only be on their streaming platforms, this may reduce Netflix’s viewers. Furthermore, Disney’s flat $7 a month is much cheaper than Netflix’s basic price of $9. Disney+ offers many upgrades that Netflix will charge $16 for. To have both Hulu and Disney+, the package is $13, and a year’s subscription of Disney+ is $70. 

Disney partnered with Verizon to give their customers a free year of their streaming platform, further boosting their viewers. Another incentive to getting a subscription is that Disney+ has no ads, and their content is downloadable to watch on the go.

Similar to other streaming platforms, Disney+ will release originals only available to their viewers. Unlike Netflix, Disney+ will release these one episode at a time whereas Netflix will release an entire season. 

Disney+ will continue to carry on the legacy that Disney has made, allowing viewers of all ages to watch sentimental movies and shows, as well as new media that hasn´t been seen before. 

You can sign up for Disney+ here: https://www.disneyplus.com/