Sub-par Gym Equipment

Tennis rackets snapping, basketballs popping, and badminton nets ripping. Welcome to  gym class. The equipment used for physical education classes is years old and in a sorry condition, it’s time to bring in the new.

The main concern that gets passed around every time the subject comes up is the high costs that the new equipment would come with. However, activities’ equipment can actually be quite cheap. In fact, most sporting gear can be bought for just around $10, and that’s before any bulk buying discounts.This means that replacing every basketball in the gym could cost as low as $250. 

Another worry often preached by those who are hesitant about acquiring new gear is the fear that low-cost equipment won’t have a long lifespan, causing constant replacement and a long-term higher cost. Wear and tear on gym equipment can easily be negated through proper instruction – don’t throw the tennis rackets on the ground, don’t walk under the badminton nets – all very simple rules that we can teach students to follow better. On estimate, even the cheapest tennis racket can last upwards of five years of regular use given the proper care.

Investing in new equipment could also bring on the changes that faculty has been wanting for years – higher interest in the sports programs. Fitness websites, such as, report that quality gym equipment can bring on higher enthusiasm for recreational activities. The school showing the interest and care for its gym classes will result in their students showing the same amount of care in return.

Ultimately, the costs are something that the school should cover for it’s students. Without that dedication from our school and district, Tennis balls will continue to pierce tennis rackets, basketballs will remain bounceless, and the cracking of a Pickleball paddle will forever be ingrained in students’ memories.