The Solution to Gun Violence

Because of party affiliation, the one 116th United States congress can not come to an agreement on gun control. While the White House passed HR XXX, the senate refuses to debate it.

Unfortunately, St. Louis, Missouri was voted the number one most violent city in the united states in 2017 according to Universal Today. There have been 173 firearm incidents in the St. Louis according to the gun violence archive. The city of St. Louis has a violent crime rate of 2,082. Missourians alone, have eighty eight thousand, 270 guns between all of them according to a Statisa survey. 

There is a simple fix. Increase the length of time for a background check. A background check takes 30 seconds, according to Criminal Watch Dogs, if the NICS finds nothing on the record. After that it goes to the FBI. They go through the background check, clearing the person in three or less business days, according to Giffords Law Center. This is showing the ease of gaining a firearm without any knowledge of if the person has any intentions other than self protection. The Scientific American said, there have been 248 active shooter incidents from the year 2017 using FBI data. The line dividing people between ownership and regulation of firearms is getting thinner. There has been a decrease from a 50% gap between owning and controlling firearms, to less than 5% according to people between the ages of 18-29, according to the BBC. 

The line between owning and controlling firearms is more blurred than ever. The United States has to take action against gun violence in America. A simple way to change this is to increase the length of time for gaining access to the purchased firearm from three business days or less to three business days or more. Also, installing specific classes for all firearm owners, new or pre-existing, and also requiring the wonders of automatic weapons to have a permit and renew that permit yearly to own that firearm. This will fix the United States but the politicians have their heads too far down the rabbit hole to think about the United States citizens. So let the local officials know in the area at the state level so that they can talk to congress and fix the gun control problem in America.