Debate Club

After years of declining participation, the Speech and Debate Club has began a revamp of its program. The club has experienced low participation for the past few years. 

“Last year I was asked to take over from Mr. Cole,” English teacher Jennifer Beckmann-Brown said, “Mr. Erwin asked me because I am involved in school activities and understand how everything works. I also have access to students with more interest in activities like this.”

While the Speech and Debate  club has had low numbers in the past, its membership has increased substantially. While membership has not been cemented yet this year the club expects to have over 10 members, an increase from last year’s 8 members.

“Our school is very competitive and smart, and Speech and Debate Club combines both of those,” junior Anisha Konduru said. 

The previous two sponsors were Drama Teachers Charles Mueller and Edward Cole, who also served as the previous two Drama Club sponsors. While Drama Teacher Jessica Brunts teaches a debate class, she has no involvement with the Speech and Debate Club. 

“When Mrs. Beckmann took the club over it made a big difference. People are actually paying attention to the club and participating,” junior Mehal Patal said.