Mario Cart In An App

After 27 years, Mario Kart is still popular. The first Mario Kart game launched in 1992, and Nintendo released its latest version, Mario Kart Tour, on Sept. 25. This new game is free to download on Android and Apple phones, rather than the original game that was only available on the Super Mario Entertainment System. Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s biggest mobile launch with 90 million downloads in the first week. The game is rated 4.8/5 stars on the App Store, and 4.4/5 on Google Play. 

The game features a rubies as its currency, which can be purchased or earned when the app is opened daily. Additionally, there is a $5 monthly subscription that gives rewards for completing cups. 

Mario Kart Tour has new ways to play including changes in steering and new challenges. Since the game is played on phones, steering and drifting is controlled with a finger or by tilting the phone. There is manual and automatic steering, but they are much different than before. The automatic steering is called steering assist and has power over the steering; however, it is recommended that this setting be turned off. While the original game’s focus was winning first, there are now new challenges such as “Goomba Takedown” where it is the goal to hit a certain number of Goombas, or “Use a Rocket Boost,” which can be achieved by holding a finger on the screen when two is on the screen at start.

Mario Kart Tour features classic Mario Kart courses as well as new ones inspired by real-world cities. The courses, now called tours, rotate every two weeks. The game offers thirty five characters. Yet new characters will update according to the cities where the tours take place. 

Mario Kart has made its impact in the virtual racing world, and Mario Kart Tour introduces the game to a new generation.