Class News, Careers, and AP Options

From AP classes, to dual enrollment, options exist to turn a freshman into a college-ready senior. 

As a freshman, choosing classes can be daunting. The engineering field is interesting but there’s also the medical path. Then there’s AP classes, weighted, but being a more difficult. There are more choices now than ever.

“There’s also the CAPS program, where you can do health, business, and technology. Now we also have online classes students can take, and dual enrollment is becoming bigger, and students can take more classes. So there’s a lot more options,” counselor Brett Griffin said.  

AP courses include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, all the way to 2D Art and Chinese Language and Culture.

“I took a bunch of AP classes so I can get all my college credit and gen-ed out of the way,” senior Jacob Mosher said. “Like all the basics, they prepared me for the intensity of college classes.”

AP courses can be good for college preperation with intense material and college tests. 

“Last year, I took AP Art History and AP World. This year I’m taking on AP Lang, And AP Gov,” junior Daniel Frank said. “If you’re looking to go into a more specific field, such as some of the more niche sciences, they don’t really support that, but they give you a good enough education so you know what you enjoy,”

Despite some unsupported areas, the AP program is a great platform for students to learn and to get ahead of the curve, and the teachers are there for support.

“I really enjoyed the teachers because they’re great for those classes. Also they’re just really helpful and packed with information… they’re good teachers who give good feedback and really want to help you grow,” Frank said.

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