Out With The Gold And In With The Blue

June at 7 p.m., the Class of 2020 will walk into graduation looking like no other class before. In response to concerns with the old tradition about the yellow gowns, the graduation ceremony will feature all blue gowns with a yellow stole. 

“It’s sad to see the tradition go but at the same time, you can always make new ones as a new class,” senior Kayle Gosche said.

The multi-colored tradition received its fair share of opposition for numerous reasons.

“I have been told by upperclassmen friends that the yellow gown doesn’t conceal the dress underneath,” senior Nicole Sanders said. 

Besides the relief of no more horrendous yellow gowns, students are in favor of simplifying the whole ordeal. 

“Including both colors made more of a big deal than it needs to be,” Sanders said. 

“We are defined by pride and community,” senior sponsor Amanda Graser said “we are not just about colors.” 

In fact, much of the focus on seating was ensuring on alternating the gowns instead of the typical alphabetical order.

“For the people planning, it’s cumbersome to arrange alternating colors and account for students who don’t walk or graduate,” Graser said.

As for opinions on the yellow stole, students are also in favor. 

“Everyone’s gonna be wearing the same thing… it’s all going to be uniform in the end,” Gosche said “The National Honors Society stoles and everything will still be special and have special recognition.”

photo credit:

Graduation Convocation – Free photo on Pixabay