FHHS Today

The Solution to Gun Violence

Ethan Treece

November 25, 2019

Because of party affiliation, the one 116th United States congress can not come to an agreement on gun control. While the White House passed HR XXX, the senate refuses to debate it. Unfortunately, St. Louis, Missouri was voted the number one most violent city in the united states in 2017 accordin...

Our Trash, Our Responsibility, Our Home

Mallory Abshear

November 18, 2019

Paper. Food. Plastic. Common trash people throw away: 4.5 pounds per person per day to be exact. But 4.5 pounds is too much for the dying planet to handle.  Each day, the average person throws away almost 6 pounds of trash with 1.5 being recycled. All of this trash goes to local landfills, which p...