An Inside Look at Golden Girls

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Dance. Sweat. Tears. Golden Girls and Co. experienced it all, as they won medals at 2019 Nationals.  One of the medals being jazz, another being hip hop, and lastly gameday. The team never placed in the top 10 for jazz but this year they placed sixth.

“Nationals was really emotional for me, considering it was my last year. I have been dancing on the team for four years and to think it’s almost over felt so surreal. It also felt amazing to place top ten for jazz this year,” senior Sam Miller said.

Practicing everyday after school created a strong bond between not only the girls, but the coaches.

“My coaches always bring out the best of us, we always know we have our number one fans encouraging us, our coaches,” sophomore Libby Thornton said. “When dancing with my team I feel more comfortable because we are all really close.”

The golden girls practiced every day after school from 3-6 Pm and every Sunday from 2-6Pm.

“Before practice I normally go to my friend’s car and we get dressed for practice and wait for it to start and talk to our coaches about our day to relieve some stress,” Miller said.

Leading the team through wins and losses, Miller’s years on the team comes to an end.

“Being captain felt rewarding knowing that I’m leading a powerful team and knowing we work together as one. Our team worked really well, it can be a little stressful at times knowing when your coaches are upset and they come to you,” Miller said.

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