Prom Planning

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To plan for prom, junior class officers Mackenzie Richardson, Megan Bottom, Jamal Mgambo, and Aaron Switzer decided specific details surrounding the occasion.

As the officers collaborated with junior class sponsor Michelle Heskin, they were able to get the job done.

“Some details like the venue and DJ had already been decided by Mrs. Heskin,” Bottom said. “Mrs Heskin gives us catalogs to look through, and we decide the theme, food, gifts, and how invitations should look.”

“This year we decided the theme for prom would be ‘Under the Sea,’” Richardson said. “We are all excited to see how our hard work turned out.”

“We meet as a group once a week, typically Friday mornings,” Mgambo said. “ Class officers were voted on and chosen early last school year, and prom preparation started shortly after.”

The Officers relied on good communication skills, and tried to show concern and respect for others.

“Even though I may think my ideas are better or superior than the other ideas I have heard from my peers it can be difficult,” Richardson said. “Because I still have to listen and respect the other officers and make them feel validated with their ideas.”

Planning prom involves taking the student body’s  opinions and suggestions into consideration.

“Keeping in mind prom is our only major task as officers, we start planning for prom early in the school year, the planning we do takes a long time to complete and a lot of thought goes into it,” Richardson said.“ To get all of the student’s opinions, we had done an online survey on what theme students would like to see for prom.”

“Planning takes a very long time,” Switzer said.” Everything pays off in the end when you get to see everyone having fun at prom.”

Officers tried to maintain a positive attitude while planning throughout stressful times.

“During tough days, I have to think to myself why I initially applied to be a class officer,” Mgambo said. “I applied because I wanted to see change at Howell for the better and be able to have an impact on my class.”

“When I get frustrated during planning I try to think about the enjoyable time all the students will get to experience when we finish planning,” Switzer said.

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