The Push for Associated Student Body

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Student involvement in school events is not what it should be.

This year’s homecoming was not what it could’ve been. The lights were on the whole time, the music was too quiet, and groups of people were leaving 20 minutes into the dance.

Our “pep rallies” are boring, and students are on their phones, rather than engaging in what’s supposed to be a fun event. The lack of school spirit is apparent, because we don’t have the right kind of motivation from students.

Events could be worth going to if we were to make a program that puts planning school events into the hands of the students.

Associated Student Body (ASB) is a school-sponsored program that would take up one class period. Students plan school events such as dances, pep rallies, school fundraisers, and spirit week. Members tryout for the program, because members are given a lot of responsibility.

Members of ASB from Orange County, California, say that school would not be the same without the impact ASB has on campus lifestyle. They have attracted more than 30 members who are extremely dedicated to the program, because they see the results when you have stands packed at every basketball game, and hundreds of students having the time of their life at school dances.

ASB benefits school financially, academically, and socially. It plays a definite role in a students high school experience. Without ASB, Howell will continue to have lack of participation, and everyone’s overall enjoyment.

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